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Cupcakes and Colas  

Our monthly Girl's Night Out event! Watch for the next date to be posted!

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Currently accepting: 

We are now accepting Fall consignments: Think COOL weather. Long sleeves, lightweight sweaters and jackets, collegiate tees, sweatshirts, etc.. NO shorts, spaghetti straps or summer attire. No COLD weather clothing. 

Name brand, clean clothing, neatly stacked or on hangers - which will be returned to you. NO clothing that needs ironing, NO clothing stuffed in bags. 

Ask us about trading your clothes for new to you clothing! 


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Welcome to Dots!

Dots is a fun, unique shop located in Historic Downtown Arab, Alabama.

Dots Art & Gifts features local artisans

Dots is proud to be a gallery for many local artisans. We have a unique shop filled with art, home decor and gift items that are handmade by local artisans. . Porcelain dolls, jewelry, pottery, whimsical art, fine art, quilts, gift baskets, seasonal items.. and lots more… an ever changing array of items.

You can read our Consignment Information  page for all the information you’ll need, stop by to talk with us, or give us a call!

hizENhers Resale clothing - consign or trade 

hizENhers has a wide variety of ladies clothing and accessories – and now we sell stuff for the guys too! We sell everything from blue jeans to dresses for ladies and for the guys we have dress and casual wear pants, shirts and shorts.

Our accessories include costume and vintage jewelry, shoes, hats, purses, belts and scarves, sunglasses, eyeglass holders, wallets, coin purses – pretty  much anything that goes along with ladies clothing.

You can read our Consignment Information  page for all the information on consigning or trading, stop by to talk with us, or give us a call!

Craft Supplies

You are crafty.... and you love making things. But the reality is, you spend more time making to do lists of the things you want to make than you do actually crafting! And chances are the materials and supplies that go into your hobbies have stacked up over time - yep, it seemed like a good idea to buy 42 skeins of purple and green yarn at the time - but you never did get around to making that Mardi Gras afghan after all! So if your closets, shelves, the area behind the couch and the spare bedroom (ok, and the trunk of your car) are overflowing with craft supplies you "intended" to use one day - here's how to regain a bit of control: Dots now consigns craft supplies.

Crochet thread, yarn, old craft books, buttons, beads, stickers, scrapbook paper, fabric, felt, ribbon, rubber stamps, ink pads, construction paper, candle making supplies.... you have it? We'll try to help you move it on to someone else that may use it (and might do as you did, just collect it!)

Here's how to get it ready: loose items must be sorted together and completely sealed in a plastic Zip-loc type bag. Clearly label the bag with what's inside: (1/2 cup loose mixed beads, or 42 brass and 14 wood buttons). Consignment is 60% to you on the sale. Dots will set the price, with information you provide about your initial costs, and help you move on... probably so you can go buy more craft supplies (we understand... we are doing the same thing!)

So gather it up - come see me!

Vintage Collectibles

While our main focus is on handcrafted items, Dots may be able to help you sell collectible items. Have you inherited a collection from a loved one that you just don't have room for? Are you redesigning your house and not sure what to do with that large collection of blue vases that you no longer want to display? Salt and pepper shakers, vases, cookbooks, etc.. Come by and talk to us. We generally want full collections and not boxes of mixed glassware, but bring photos of what you have, or text them to us and let's talk. 




Cupcakes and Colas (a girls night out event)

We love our Cupcakes and Colas! Cupcakes and Colas is a monthly get together at Dots and we always have such a good time. It’s two hours of fun! Of course we serve cupcakes and colas,  – it IS a girls night out and  there can be no dieting during girls night out!

We visit with friends (friends we’ve had a while and new ones we are making), and share a night of bargains in the shop! For added fun, sometimes we share a make and take tutorial – past events have included making a magnolia Christmas ornament and learning to finger weave, quote picture frames, beaded bracelets and some simple art!

“Like” our Facebook page for up to the minute information and invitations!

Dress Up Parties

We've had a Duck Dynasty party - yep, everyone in camo clothing and beards. What a blast! 

We have an annual Mad Hatter Tea Party - wear your maddest hat and come hungry! 

We've had Mardi Gras parties, Topsy Turvy April Fool's Day party (clothes had to NOT match) and more! 

“Like” our Facebook page for up to the minute information and invitations!


Dots offers a great fundraising “after hours” party for your group. Click here for more details.


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